Inspiring 9th Birthday Party Ideas

Kids get overwhelmed with the thought of their birthday celebrations. They want to enjoy their natal day in the best way possible. They want their parents to plan something special for their birthday celebrations.

Inspiring 9th Birthday Party Ideas

Parents need to pay heed to all the points that their child wants at that stage. Whether your child wants to throw birthday party to the family members or friends. This is the auspicious day when you child wants to take the interactive role by making new friends and enjoying with them to the fullest potential.

The birthday peeks into your life only once a year so the children should be given all the attention and love that they require the most. The kids like to do some interesting activities on that day such as having a fun-movie session, playing video games, a binge cartoon night etc.

Girls are always a mile ahead than boys. They want extra pampering sessions on that day. To make their birthday more special, take pen and paper and sit down with them. plan out their comfort zone and likings that they want to be fulfilled on their birthdays. It is a fun job!

9th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

To make your 9 years old girl excited for her natal day, let’s look at some of the amazing plan parties!

9th Birthday Party Ideas for Girl

Cool birthday parties

The best option is to arrange a cool birthday party for your kid. This is what a child craves for… They do have a sense of enjoying every bit of the party just like adults. They can give a call to their friends, invite them over for lunch or dinner, can go for a nice outing session and bundles of other things.

Throwing a cool birthday party for your kid will make him/her feel more charmed and excited. Go for it!

Super fun movie night

A movie night serves to be another good idea for the 9 years old birthday party ideas. Kids also want their natal night to commence with heaps of fun and enjoyment.

A movie night comes to the recue as it instigates ample excitement among the kids after the cake cutting ceremony at night. Play a nice kids movie, get them popcorns and let them enjoy all night long.

Arrange a pizza party

Woaaah! kids are obsessed with eating pizzas. You should hit the idea of hosting a pizza party for your 9 years old birthday girl. Kids should also be allowed to help you in making pizzas as it will be fun learning activity for them.

This cute baking activity will also help the kids not to waste food and can make their own pizza easily at home. Kids should be dressed according to the theme of the pizza party such as wearing chef hats or apron etc.

A colorful balloon party

Balloon party is another great option for your 9 years old birthday girl. You can pop up the place with bundles of vibrant balloons. Besides this, you can also devise some balloon games that can serve to be a fun activity for the children.

You can give every kid a balloon, ask them to blow it and then tie it with a knot within the assigned time. Once the timer stops, the one who has blown the highest number of balloons wins the game. The winner is given a mini gift as a token of love. Your birthday girl will definitely enjoy this activity.

An interesting slime party

As you all know that slime is a sticky adhesive material which serves to be a stress buster product for both kids and adults. All you need to do is play with its soft texture and enjoy the sense of relief. So why not arranging a slime birthday party for your 9 years old princess?

Just grab the necessary stuff such as glue, craft sticks, glitter, plastic jars and different food colorings to make any of the colored slime according to your liking. Once the girls are done with slime making session, they can enjoy eating scrumptious meals.

A pleasurable pampering party

Girls like to keep themselves pampered. A pampering party can be a good themed party for your 9 years old birthday girl. Girls don’t have to sit back all the time and pamper themselves but anyone else can give them a nice spa and massage.

Your mother can also place some yummy food items n your pampering place. Isn’t it a good birthday party idea for girls age 9?

Surprise your girl with nice themes birthday party!!!

Birthday parties hold a prime importance in everyone’s life. Add a spark of love, admiration and adoration for your girl on her birthday party.

You can get idea from the above-mentioned tips and work on them. you can also think of some other creative ideas for making the 9th birthday party of your girl one of the best days of her life!

Birthday Party Ideas for 9 Years Old Daughter

Birthday Party Ideas for 9 Year Old Daughter

Girls are so much obsessed with their birthday celebrations. Every little girl wants a super memorable birthday party. It’s good to pick up a fun birthday theme according to your girl’s tastes. The crazy overall details really touch the little fairy’s heart.

I have rounded up some amazing birthday party ideas for 9 years old daughter. These ideas will help you arrange super intricate and incredible parties that will unleash the fun vibes.

Let’s have a look at the following birthday party ideas for 9 years old daughter.

Snow-white themed birthday party

Girls are head over heels in love with snow white. If the birthday party turns out to be in an overall snow-white theme, it will work wonders. From cake to balloons, from prop to wall hangings, the décor should involve the stuff related to snow-white.

Cowgirls birthday party

Want to get some vintage yet super fantastic themed birthday party for your daughter? I think, cowgirls birthday party is the best. It’s quite different from the normal girly vibed parties. It is so much FUN to play cowgirls games. So, try out this idea.

Mango themed party

This is such an amazing party for little girls. You can play up with the color scheme. The yellowish shades spread everywhere instill such lively vibes in the guests. You can even track down some amazing mango games for the kids in the party.

Pajamas and cupcakes birthday party

It’s a unique idea to call your daughter’s friends come over a Sunday morning for scrumptious cupcakes in their pajamas. You can also allow the girl group to enjoy baking up cupcakes together (obviously under your supervision). It is a fun themed party!

A cute spa day birthday party

Girls learn so much from their mom regarding the self-care activities. Why not surprising your little one with a spa day for her friends at her birthday. Well… Mommy loves to give a pampering session to her daughter’s friends.

9th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

9th Birthday Ideas for 9 Year Old Boy

Boys do have different tastes as compared to girls. If you haven’t planned something beforehand, you need to start picking up ideas from now on. Style the boy’s birthday party with an amazing theme relating to super heroes, cartoon figures or any of their childhood fictional characters.

The following are some 9th birthday party ideas for boys. Get an idea from them.

Frosty the Snowman themed birthday party

It’s a fun theme for the birthday party of your boy. Besides the setting matching with the snowman theme, you should include some party games and activities for the frosty party e.g. snowball relay race or scavenger hunt game etc.

Pirate themed birthday party

A super fun birthday party by using the crafts of your mind. Boys in the pirates’ costume will give an overall chic vibe. You can plan up some games for the boys like sword race, treasure hunt game, cannon ball game etc.

Robin hood themed birthday party

Well, boys are addicted with the fictional character of robin hood. You can go an extra mile by sending robin hood design invitation cards to the guests. The décor, food and games etc. all should spread the vibes of robin hood.

A good idea is to give some food to the poor as it will inculcate the true essence of robin hood.

Big hero 6 themed birthday party

Woah! big hero 6 is every boy’s ultimate favorite animated movie. You can use the stuff that spread the essence of big hero 6. From science to Baymax stuff, place everything that reveals the true feeling of big hero 6.

Stranger Things birthday Party

The stranger things is indeed a wonderful series to watch. You can also make a great birthday party out it for your boy. Go for the creative stuff like setting the place with darker hues, fixing the charts of Demogorgon’s drawings and placing the fairy light around the alphabets on table etc.

Go on instilling some of the creeper vibes of the Hawkins town. It is indeed one of the best themes for your 9 years old boy.