Pokemon Themed DIY Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for some convivial Pokemon theme birthday party ideas. Here, comes the list! Dive it and enjoy the amazing ideas.

Pokemon exerts a magical spell on the children of every age. The radiant world of technology has created fictional characters and merged them in a category called “Pokemon” (Pocket monsters).

Pokemon Themed DIY Birthday Party Ideas

Most of the children have spent their cheery childhood in the fun realm of Pokemon. Detective Pikachu is the ultimate favorite of the whole new generation of Pokemon lovers.

Pokemon Birthday Party Games

Pokemon Birthday Party Games

Want to add a FUN session to your kid’s Pokemon themed birthday party. Waittttt … here are some of the amazing Pokemon birthday party games.

Balloon Stomping Game

Get some colored balloons, matching with the pokemon theme i.e white, yellow, orange, blue etc. Place a pokemon tattoo in each of the balloon. Inflate the balloons as many as you can and put them in the play section. Gather the kids in the play area and ask them to stomp the balloons.

The one who stomps the maximum balloons and gets holds of maximum tattoos is definitely the WINNER.

Pokemon Balancer

The kids who want to become good pokemon trainers need to play this wonderful game. All you need is a popsicle stick and dice.

To play this game, kids need to put the popsicle stick in their mouths and stack up maximum dice on the top. If the dice fall over, the participant is out. One who creates a good balancer is the winner.

Pokemon Musical Chairs

Yes! it is super fun as compared to the regular game of musical chairs. You need to play a pokemon soundtrack. It is different in the sense that the kid who gets eliminated is at the perk of selecting the next pokemon song. As the game proceeds, the music gets faster.

So, this game is super energetic.

Best DIY Pokemon Themed Birthday Party Ideas for 8 Years Old

Pokemon Themed DIY Birthday Party Ideas for 8 Years Old Boy

Pokemon’s appeal is never-ending! Children love to have the stuff related to Pokemon. Are you unable to find a nice themed birthday party idea for your 8 year old boy?

Take a breath as there is nothing to worry about. You can plan an epic Pokemon birthday gathering for your kid. From DIY Pikachu props to Pokeballs pizza, you can choose anything that boosts your child’s mood on his birthday!

If you are to also celebrate a birthday of 9 years old girl, check out these party ideas to step up your celebrations.

Let’s have a look at some Pokemon themes birthday party ideas for 8 year old boy:

Pokemon Studded Birthday Dessert Table

Well… The Pokemon themed dessert table will capture your guest’s attention because of the radiant hues spread all around. The colorful dessert table will be jampacked with scrumptious treats like cupcakes with the Pokemon colored icing, Pokemon candies etc. You can decorate the background of this table by sticking yellow disposable plates with each other. Paste a Pokeball sign on the plates to give an overall unified theme of Pokemon.

A hunt for Pokesticks

Yeah! Here comes the most amazing game. Get any stick and paint it in the pattern of red and black. Search for the good spots in the yard that can serve as good hide areas for the pokesticks. Once you hide maximum 10-12 pokesticks, let the hunt begin for the kids.

Handwritten Pokeball Invitations

Give a touchy vibe to your boy’s birthday invitation card by making it in the shape of Pokeball. Do it yourself so that the card standouts. Take a paper and cut it in the shape of a circle. Write all the birthday details on the backside of the paper. Paste red and white half sheets on the front side of the paper resembling the exact pattern of a Pokeball. Keep it simple yet unique!

Pikachu Hats and Balloons

To keep the birthday theme more of a Pokemon based, you need to add plenty of yellow hues. You can even go for yellow balloons or hats. Then draw the cute face of Pikachu on the balloons and hats with markers. You can go an extra mile by giving the same Pika-crazy touch to other yellow party stuff.

Ping-Pong Pokeball Hunt Game

Get some ping-pong balls and decorate them with the Pokeball touch. Once you are done decorating them, then hide them all over the lawn of your home. Ask your guests to be attentive and let the Pokeball hunt game begin. It is super fun to look for the Pokeball in every nook and corner of your home. The one who grabs the maximum balls becomes the winner. Isn’t it amazing!

A blindfolded Game-Pin the Tail of Pikachu

Give an exciting touch to a classic game i.e. Pin the tail on the Donkey. All you need is to draw a giant Pikachu on a paper whose tail in missing. Call over your guests and blindfold them. Give a spin to them so they forget the right position of the Pikachu’s tail if they had formed it in their mind beforehand. Then give them tails and ask them to pin it on the Pikachu. The one who puts the tail on the right position should be given a nice treat.

Super Cute Pokeball Goodie Bags

Once the birthday celebration is done and your guests are heading to their homes, bid them farewell with super cute Pokeball goodie bags. You can find the ball in any of the party stores. To give a Pokeball touch to the ball, wrap it with a black electrical tape and paint the portion below the tape with a red color. It will replicate with the Pokeball. Make sure you stuff the ball with amazing treats and even Pokemon toys.

Try to do something different for your boy’s birthday. Nothing turns out to be more unique than throwing a Pokemon themed birthday party. Yes! create a magical setting girded by the Pokemon stuff and figures. Happy Planning to you all!

Pokemon Party Food Ideas

Pokemon Party Food Ideas

Hey friends! Decide to go with pokeball themed food with the touches of orange, red and yellow. Let’s have a look at the delicious pokemon food ideas.

Pokemon Pepperoni Pizza

It’s super easy to make. All you need is shredded chicken, olives and pepperoni. I spread the ingredients in the design of a pokeball. I placed pepperoni on the top half of the pizza and cheese on the below half of the pizza. I placed the chopped olives in the middle region. Woah! How amazing!

Pokemon Cupcakes

Kids get super excited about the Pokemon cupcakes. These are made with cupcakes with red sugar icing and black sprinkles. A perfect combo to keep the kids super happy and cheerful. Kids are definitely going to love it.

Pikachu Snack Bar

Pikachu snack bar gives you a variety of delicious snacks. You can get your hands on such snacks as perfect appetizer. Place sweet corns, Cheetos, egg beans, jellies, biscuits etc. What a wonderful setting it would look like. Go ahead and enjoy setting pikachu snack bar.

Vanilla Pokeball Cookies

Bake delicious vanilla cookies with a topping of red icing. You can also sprinkle chocolate chips on it to give it a good presentation. It is a great treat to coordinate it with the rest of the décor. Pokeball cookies is another good addition to the list!


Pokemon has exercised its magical influence on the kids all around the globe. Kids imitate pokemon masters whether through computer games or through the cards game. Pikachu and Ash are the most lovable pokemon characters, Kids are so head over heels in love with pokemon that they wish for such a fictional world to turn into the real!

Arranging your kid’s birthday party with pokemon theme can work wonders. You might need some idea regarding pokemon birthday party games, activities and food.