13+ Funny Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes and Wishes

We all have a beautiful relation in our lives i.e. COUSINS! They are our partners and our best friends. They make us laugh through their weirdest jokes and crazy acts. They are like our bosom friends who know everything about us.

You consider them as your siblings and speak your heart with them. When we are down, we count on them. Cousins do everything to make you feel blessed and cheerful. Indeed! Life is beautiful when you have the most lively and genuine relationship of COUSIN in your life.

Funny Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes and Wishes

Best Funny Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Cousins

How can you do something extraordinary for your cousins to express your love and gratitude to them. Is the birthday of your favorite cousin approaching? If yes… It’s the perfect option for adding perks to their auspicious birthday celebration.

Send them some hand-written cards with amazing Happy Birthday wishes jotted down on them. The following are some of the amazing birthday wishes for your cousin. Let’s have a look at them.

Happy birthday my dear cousin. Having you in my life is a source of comfort and mischiefs. Yes, you are an oxymoron in my life. But I adore you the most. May you have all the happiness of the world.

Happy birthday to my cousin who crack the lamest jokes and makes us laugh hard. You are a sweet idiot but I adore you anyways. I wish that you grow a little bit wiser than before. May you have countless blessings in your life.

Hey cousin! I can’t believe that are you are becoming an adult. Don’t ever let your inner child die. I love you the way you are. I hope this birthday adds to your awesome memories.

Today is not an ordinary day because on his day GOD sent an insane human into out lives. This human has been teasing us since day 1 till now. I wish that you continue to stay the same. May you witness success in your life.

Hey cousin! You know we are definitely a family. I find a glimpse of myself in you but unfortunately you don’t find yourself in me. But, we can’t deny this fact. I wish that you pursue your every dream and future endeavors with success.

Happy birthday to my sweet cousin! I know you have slapped me thousands of time in childhood. But being a gentle human, I forgive you for all that you did to me. I hope that this birthday brings lots of joy into your life.

The days of playing hide and seek may be passed but our love and friendship will shine throughout out lives, my sweet cousin. You are my best friend that everyone wishes for. Happy natal day.

The gifts in the shops might be super expensive and the cards might not be of much worth to you but my prayers are always with you. I wish that you get everything that your heart wishes for. Happy birthday my dear cousin.

We become adults and forget the activities we used to do during our childhood. I hope you won’t forget the rib-tickling time we spent together. Enjoy your birthday celebrate hard!

Of my bundle of cousins, you are my secret treasure. You are my ultimate favorite and celebrating your birthday with you brings so much happiness in my life. happy birthday my best cousin.

I am super blessed to have a dear cousin like you. You deserve all the happiness of the world. Stuff you mouth with scrumptious birthday cake. May you have a marvelous birthday.

Hey cousin! Keep making us proud with your wonderful achievements. Continue to fill your life pages with good habits. Happy birthday my dear cousin.

No matter how much you grow up, I will still consider you my silly young cousin. You are my dearest and smartest chum. Happy birthday to you!

You are more of a sibling than a cousin to me. I have spent fun-filled days with you. Every moment spent with you is super enjoyable. Have a crazy birthday my dear cousin.

Dear cousin, we might be separated by distance, but we are super close by hearts. You can talk countless hours with you. You are my No.1 since the day you opened your eyes. Happy birthday!

Take an idea from these above-mentioned birthday wishes and spread smile on your cousin’s face. Make them feel super blessed and happy. Go ahead and plan some fun activities for your cousin’s birthday.