A Funny Letter to Best Friend on her Birthday

A friend is someone who stands by your side no matter what. They have the guts for always having your back. They are the ones who stick firmer that a brother/sister. Such an endeared fellows should be praised for their countless efforts of bearing you.

You should always give them a token of love. One of the best times to let your best friend know that how much worth they hold in your heart is during their natal day.

I always wanted to jot down a funny letter for my best friend on her birthday. I wasn’t able to give her the precious gift on time but I succeeded in sending her a well-crafted birthday letter. I added some crazy lines just to put a smile on her face. Yes! It was well worth.

Are you looking for something humorous, weird or sentimental for your pal? I have got a funny letter that will help you bring a nice curve on your best friend’s face. Let’s have a look at it.

A Funny Letter to Best Friend on her Birthday

Funny Letter to Friend on her Birthday

My dear best friend,

Wohoo! Candles, balloons, cake and partying! Ooops…. I mean to say… Happy Birthday to my sensitive half-wit! You have successfully completed 21 years of your life.

I know you are dying to blow out the candles, but before you stuff your mouth with the scrumptious birthday cake, kindly give a good read to my letter. Hufff! I can’t believe that I have spent my precious time writing for a buffoon like you.

Do you remember the day when we met for the first time? Oh.. I was so glad to finally interact with an idiot. After some time, we began to share such a pleasant bond with each other. You would snatch my food and eat it as if you were kept hungry for centuries. You would copy my assignments, use my stationary, and even empty my water bottle without letting me know about it. Like seriously? Which sensible human behaves like this? But then I got it that we both don’t need sensibility in out life. It’s the craziness that strengthens our bond and enables us to enjoy every bit of our life.

Now, you are 21 but still act as if born few months ago. You have a mini mind inside your big head skull that needs a nice slapping session for its good working. I know you love my things more than your own stuff. But sorry I won’t share them with you. You have used my dresses for so long and ended them in tatters. Don’t forget that I will avenge my beautiful martyred clothes.

You are such a crazy fellow who holds the title of being my secret’s treasure. And you never fail to embarrass me in the public by cracking lame jokes. You are always “non compos mentis” but still I adore you and I will continue to do so in many fun years ahead!

Apart from all the chucklesome descriptions above, I want to let you know that you hold a fixed deposit of adoration in my life. You are a truly genuine friend to whom I owe a lot. Wishing you a cheerful journey towards adulthood!

From your lovely friend!


Make the birthday of your best friend a special day by giving him/her a surprise party. The words that directly come out of heart have a striking influence. So, don’t forget to write an amazing letter for your friend and spread a smile on him/her face!