Best Birthday Speeches for Best Friend

Having a best friend in your life is one of the greatest blessings of GOD Almighty. You are fortunate enough to share the most genuine bond with a person who is one-of-a-kind. A person who wears the cloak of BEST FRIEND-who is always having your back ad ready to sacrifice anything for you.

A person who always makes you feel special, listens to your crazy talks and gives you a shoulder to cry on. A person who always stands by you no matter what. In a nutshell, a best friend is the shining STAR in one’s life, spreading its radiance to every part of you!

What to do special on your best friend’s birthday? Let your hearty words shine through a birthday speech for your friend. Writing a milestone speech for a person who has always been the most important part of your life can be an intimidating task.

But don’t fret… I have organized some of the birthday speeches that can help you honor your best friend on his/ her’s natal day. I hope you and your best friend enjoy the perks of best natal day celebrations together!

3 Touching Birthday Speeches for a Best Friend

Let’s have a look at some of the birthday speeches for best friend!

Best Birthday Speeches for Best Friend

Speech 1

Ladies and gentleman! You are all warmly welcomed to the birthday celebrations of my best friend [Friend’s Name]. Thankyou everyone for taking out some time from your grinding routines and being a part of this auspicious occasion.

[Friend’s Name] has been my bosom friend since childhood. I feel both blessed and proud to have this amazing human in my life. I can’t express my happiness through words that how honorable I am to wish my best friend a fun birthday in front of everyone!

[Friend’s Name], for me celebrating your birthday each year turns out to be an opportunity to thank GOD for sending you into this world. You have been my support system for all these years and I can’t thankyou enough for this.

After sharing such a long friendship bond, I can say some things about you even with my closed eyes. You are jolly, cooperative and a truly genuine friend. My life would never have been so perky if it were without you.

May you witness countless bliss and happiness in your life. Stay the same, my friend! Once again Happy Birthday!

Speech 2

I can’t thank all the lovely people here enough for honoring the birthday occasion of my Best friend [Friend’s Name]. This is one of the wonderful days of my life as I have been bestowed with an opportunity to do something special for a beloved person.

Hey buddy! You are treading on your euphoric journey towards adulthood. I have full confidence in your potential and abilities. You have prospered so much till now and I can say without any doubt that you can do many wonders ahead on your own. I know when my teeny friend jumps into her adulthood, she will not dare forget me.

In our teens, we did the weirdest acts together. From snatching each other’s lunch boxes to sneaking into the store room after breaking bundles of things-I remember each moment spent with you and I will cherish them throughout my life. In our mid-twenties, we took an extra step and did things twice as crazy than before.

Life threw so much fun moments at us. Thank GOD, we never let go any of the opportunity to enjoy the perkiest years of our life.

I wish all your core wishes come true and may you get your hands on the shining future that awaits you!

Speech 3

Hey buddy! You have been enjoying the never-ending greatness of your life and I wish that you pursue many successful endeavors ahead. You have always been a soothing friend to my sore eyes. In my eyes, our friendship is like gold. It’s worth is treasurable. That is why, you have a fixed deposit of love and affection in my life.

I hope you never tread on the path on sorrow and despair. May every hurdle in your life turns into a flower of happiness. I hope you have an amazing birthday and life because you have a super incredible bheesy to me all my life. May you encounter bliss, peace and satisfaction in every juncture of life. You are my crime partner and soul sister.

You are a friend in the disguise of an angel [Friend’s Name]. May you have a fun-filled birthday.

Thank you everyone for honoring this party with your presence. Now, let’s cut the scrumptious birthday cake of our beloved [Friend’s Name] and party hard!

Your’s Friend.

I truly hope that you enjoyed these birthday wishes! Go on and write some words from your heart for your friend!