Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages for Best Friend

Do you know who stands beside you through thick and thin? Who listens and understands your weirdest talks? Who uplifts your mood when you are feeling low? Who eats your food without asking permission? Yes!!! All the questions direct towards the one and only-BEST FRIEND!

You might have been bestowed with plenty of blessings but having a best friend surpasses everything. This adorable creature can call you anytime to share the whole day’s story. He/She can send you stupid messages throughout the day.

He/She is the treasure house of your secrets. He/She leaves no stone un-turned is embarrassing you in front of the public. You should be thankful for having a crazy human aka best friend in your life, who brightens up your mood every time you see him/her cheery face.

To make your best friend feel special, you should plan something phenomenal for her birthday. You can send her a unique gift with a cute birthday card. Hand written texts always hold a special place in one’s heart. Don’t forget to jot down some amazing birthday messages for your best friend.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

The following are some of the heart-warming statements that can melt your best-friend’s heart. These wishes will surely make your best friend’s day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Let’s dive into these birthday wishes for your best friend!

  • Happy Birthday my best chum! You are the most beautiful person inside out. I wish you nothing but the best on your natal day. I adore you the most. Looking forward to spend wonderful fun-filled years ahead!
  • Happy birthday bestie! Today is the day to celebrate how lively human you are and to give warm thanks to you for your selfless love towards everyone. You deserve the best.
  • Happy birthday dear! Wishing you a cheerful journey towards adulthood. May you witness countless happiness and a life full of prosperity and success.
  • Hey friend! May you be blessed with never-ending smiles and bliss. You yourself are a wonderful gift to the earth, so you deserve many more curves on your faces. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday friend! Forget all the dark chapters of your past and look forward to the future with a shining eye-for the lots of funs and excitements are waiting for you.
  • Birthdays are the keys to the new doors opening towards a bright beginning. It’s the time to pursue your dreams with sheer confidence and courage. You are an outstanding person. May all the days of your life add to your happiness.
  • Happy birthday! Today is the day you were brought into this world to be a source of inspiration and liveliness towards the fellows girding you. You are an affectionate person. May you enjoy many more birthdays.
  • On your special day, I wish for you that every wish residing in the secret chamber of your heart gets fulfilled. May everything come to your hand just the way you imagined it. Happy Birthday!
  • I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a soul sister like you in my life. You are a treat to my sore eyes. You add brightness to my life every day. I wish every happiness of the world comes to your doorstep. Happy birthday friend!
  • I share an indescribable bond with you, my friend. Our friendship since childhood always hold a special place in my heart. May you have a fun-filled life ahead. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is your birthday and with this day, all the exciting times of our college life popped up in my mind. You are such a nice friend. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to an incredible friend! I am indebted to you for your precious love and friendship. Your support and care unraveled many closed doors of my life. I owe a lot. Happy birthday!
  • I could meet lots of people and explore the whole world but never find someone who is as good of a friend as you. Happy birthday to my precious fellow.
  • Happy birthday bestie! I hope this day brings you lots of blessings, happiness and love to your life. May you continue to be a best version of yourself in the years ahead of you.
  • Happy birthday to someone who is adorable, smart, sassy and reminds me a lot of myself. We both are the two sides of a same coin. I wish we share the same bond of love in the future ahead!
  • Happy birthday to the person who is super close to my heart. Not a single day passes without thanking GOD for letting me meet such an adorable human aka my best friend. Thanks for being my No.1.
  • Hey! Don’t worry about your wrinkles! I share the destiny as yours. You know you don’t have that much signs of getting older but then, you don’t look that young buddy, either. Happy Birthday! May you continue to cherish our wonderful memories.
  • Happy Birthday! The Future holds some amazing surprises for you. May you struggle to pursue your endeavors. I wish your life never treads on the dark path. Always stay perky!

Short and Unique Happy Birthday Best Buddy Messages

Having a best friend is one of the precious gifs from GOD Almighty. You can always count on such a perky human no matter what the circumstances are.

Having a best friend is no less than a good fortune. You share a bond with your best friend that is super unique and lovable. And if it is your best friend’s birthday, you will want to go an extra mile to wish her in an exceptional way.

Short and Unique Happy Birthday Best Buddy Messages

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The following are some of the unique happy birthday friend messages:

  • It’s your natal day time again, Ohhh Woow! I hope some wonderful things happen to you on this blessed day and forever. You have no idea how much I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • A friend like you holds a priceless worth in my life. You are the most genuine person with whom I can speak my heart out. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to tell you how much I adore you in my life. Happy Birthday!
  • You unleash so much positivity and happiness into the lives of everybody around you. I hope you receive the same intensity of brightness from your loved ones. Happy birthday my bestie!
  • Happy birthday to my constant! You have always been my cotton candy. I love you beyond infinity. I am thankful to you for your great friendship and all the exciting times we have spent from the past years.
  • Celebrate every moment of your life with your friends. You are fabulous, kind, amazing and a witty best friend. Let’s celebrate your natal day and have some fun.
  • I never thought when we first met that we’d become bhessy and turn our life into an exciting adventurous journey. Thanks for all the fun times. Looking forward to many more adventures in the coming year. Happy Birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Add a humorous touch to your best friend’s birthday wishes. Make your best friend feel how weird he/she is. Sprinkle the funny treats on the birthday wishes to make him/her feel special. Let’s dive into the list!

  • Yeah I know, best friends are the secret keepers that’s why I am not going to reveal it to the world how aged you are. Enjoy being an old fellow. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the person who makes me pee with his/her convivial jokes. Yeah, I love this fun act and looking forward to have more and more as we get older. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the person who has always witnessed my most embarrassing acts. Nothing is hidden from you, idiot. You always know them first hand. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my amazing friend. We have been fantastic friends who always forgot to bring the presents on each other’s birthday but do mention the dates. Yayy!
  • Happy birthday to my other half aka best friend! I am going to give you extra attention today because it is your birthday. Don’t make yourself accustomed to such attention. It is momentary. Btw Happy birthday!

Final Thoughts

Birthdays are one of the special occasions on which you do something extraordinary for your best friend to make them feel loved. Send some heartfelt wishes to your bestie. It’s the little things that matter the most in life!